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Sponsored Athletes

As a kid I was obsessed with Ninja Turtles,  Jean Claud Van Damn movies and everything Martial Arts. I also lived across the road from a karate school. It was only a matter of time before I convinced my parents to take me take me to my first class when I was 8 years old.

Not long after I started training I also competed in and won my first karate tournament. Needless to say I was hooked. I received my first black belt when I was 15 years old. A dream come true. Little did I know at the time that was when the real learning would begin. Martial arts soon became a part of who I was, and still is to this day.   

Over the years I’ve competed successfully at regional, state, national and international levels. Some of my achievements include 5 time Australian Koshiki (full contact) Karate Champion, Junior World Koshiki Karate Champion held in Amsterdam, Holland, two 2nd place finishes at the International Koshiki Championships held in New Zealand, and Gold and Silver medals at the World Martial Arts Games in 2009. 

Sadly a string of bad injuries including shoulder surgery forced me to walk away from marital arts. Last year I returned to training seriously, and after competing won the New South Wales Koshiki Karate Country Championships which came with many obstacles and challenges.

As a junior I always competed in the lightest weight division and never worried about what I ate. Fast forward 10 years and I had to cut 10kg to make weight. This was done from a mix of over training and starving myself, usually followed by a drastic rebound in weight gain post competition. Proper nutrition is definitely something I struggled  with, with so much advice out there and misinformation. I’ve tried and failed with other meals plans, fad diets and dietitian’s  in the past. 

Since working with Jase and the Enliven Nutrition team, I have a much healthy relationship with food. I have energy in my training, I’m making weight with ease. I’m enjoying the foods I’m eating, and not only that, I’m learning so much as I go. 

Jase is a very educated guy who is passionate about what he does and helping others. Combined that with, everything he does is back by hard evidence not just ‘bro science’ it’s easy to see how he gets results. I’m honoured to be working alongside such a professional company like Enliven Nutrition, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together. 

As an eighteen year old, I discovered the sport of Lacrosse at a local sports centre. I attended a Learn to Play program run by NSA Lacrosse and was immediately hooked. I got my hands on a stick as soon as I could, and everyday would travel to my local wall ball court where I could practice my throwing and shooting techniques. Not a day would go by without me having a lacrosse stick in my hands. To get as much experience as I could, I began travelling to Sydney from my home town of Newcastle once a week to play; desperate to learn all that I could about the sport. I knew I couldn’t sustain this forever, and the amount of improvement I could achieve was limited due to how new Lacrosse was in my hometown. This lead me to moving to where most would consider the epicentre of Lacrosse in Australia, Melbourne, to pursue my dreams of becoming one of Australia’s best.

To give myself the best chance of being my best, I needed the tools and advice to know what to put into my body when it came to nutrition and supplementation; enter Jason from Enliven Nutrition. Jason and his team help supply me with science backed nutritional plans to ensure I’m performing at my optimum level. That along with their line of supplements, Enliven help me get the most from both my Lacrosse training and my gym workouts; not to mention helping me recover as best as I can.

Jason and his team are a hard-working group of like-minded individuals. Whatever your goals, Enliven can supply you with all the nutrition and tips to help you achieve them. Their plans are built to apply in the real world, and will help you to constantly meet and achieve your goals.

Do yourself a favour and get in touch with the guys at Enliven; it will prove the best decision you can make for your health, your overall wellness, and your life.

When I was 4 years old and I saw a hockey player get checked into the glass right in front of me, I knew I WANTED TO PLAY HOCKEY. The speed, tenacity, skill, and comradery has made ice hockey a part of me as much as my legs or arms. Being from Michigan I was fortunate enough to have access to outdoor rinks during the winter and skate for endless amounts of hours. After being cut from an elite travel team in the spring, my Dad signed me up for a couple hockey camps over the summer. I came back that fall as one of the best players on the team and that’s when it clicked for me that if I invested in my training, I could become one of the elites.

I played travel, juniors, Division I College, and professional hockey. I’ve played with and against some of the greatest hockey players in the world (Pat Kane, Phil Kessel, Ben Bishop), won national championships, and have been a part of some incredible teams. I love the grind of hockey and the journey every team takes during a season to become their best.

I met Jason from Enliven Nutrition through Grassroots Sports and I only wish we had met sooner in my career. His knowledge of nutrition has helped me recognise my true areas of weakness and identify the myths about nutrition that I’ve heard all my life. He has a holistic approach to dietary needs, lifestyle, and personal health goals. Jason has helped me set proper health and nutrition goals that have increased my performance on and off the ice.

Sport has taught me so many life lessons and fuelled my passion to help others. This led to the birth of NSA (National Sport Academy) Hockey and Lacrosse. All the directors of NSA are devoted to “engineering athletes” – to enable athletes to be the best they can be, both on and off the playing surface of their sport. Athletes that we train within our sports are directed to Jason and Enliven Nutrition due to his professionalism and wealth of knowledge. Each nutritional program is specific to each individual player and their needs. If you want to take your performance and nutrition to the next level, look no further – Enliven Nutrition will give you everything that you need.

As most Canadians, some of my oldest memories were on an outdoor hockey rink. I was lucky enough to have a rink on the same property as my primary school. I could bring my hockey skates to school and as soon as the final buzzer rang I could go and play for as long as I wanted. The biggest problem I had to face was being freezing cold, and barely being able to feel my feet. I had amazing parents and they would provide an already warm vehicle and hot chocolate to keep me going. My brother played competitive hockey before me and I always wanted to play with him, which I think pushed me to get better.

I played at the top, or near top, of my age group every year. I always felt my skill level wasn’t the same as my teammates. I was taught, however, that my effort could overcome any lack of skill and I focused on that. I prided myself on being the hardest working player on the ice and I think that has carried my hockey career to the point it is at now.

I was a late bloomer and Junior B hockey in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL) was actually a perfect fit for me. It gave me an opportunity to get a lot of game ice time and plenty of spare practice ice time to get a lot better. I played in that league for three years and from there I was recruited to play in the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) playing hockey and attending college at the same time. I played two years there where I won two league championships and met Beau Taylor and Connor Mclaughlin, two players who would be intertwined in my hockey future from then on.

The three of us were then recruited to play for the University of Alberta Augustana Vikings and play in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC). Having a buddy recruited with you is pretty rare, but to have the tree of us as a line recruited is completely unheard of. This is where I am now in my last year of university.

I found out about the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) from Beau and from the moment I heard about it, I knew I wanted to go. I tried a few years in a row to get a spot with the Newcastle Northstars, and in 2015 a spot opened up for another international player. I instantly quit my summer job and flew out and joined the team. That season we won the AIHL Championship, claiming the Goodall Cup. I came back for the 2016 season, this time joined by Connor and was lucky enough to once again get my name on the cup.

I learned about Enliven Nutrition through the Grassroots podcast and Jason was able to help me become a much healthier person. I regret not giving my body the proper fuel it deserved earlier on in my career, but the next best time is now. I feel extremely healthy now and I’m very thankful I had Enliven Nutrition to help me on my way.

My path in hockey was a bit unconventional when compared to Canadian standards. Moving from Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) to Arizona, USA in 5th Grade, I soon realized hockey wasn’t the focal sport in the desert. I even gave up hockey for a year in favor of soccer! Once I got back into hockey I knew I was going to be centering my life around the sport which would require me moving back to Canada.

I ended up making a team in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL), which is Junior B hockey in the interior of BC. This is where I learned the name Scott Swiston, and we were matched up against each other every time we played against each other for three of my four years in the KIJHL. After my Junior career came to an end, I decided I needed an education and was fortunate enough to be able to continue to play hockey at the same time in the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL). Finally I was playing with Scott Swiston instead of against him and rounding up our line with an Aussie, Beau Taylor, we instantly had a dynamic line. After two Championship years we finished our Business diplomas and decided we wanted to finish our degrees playing for the same team. Therefore, we lobbied an entire line to a few schools before getting recruited by the Augustana Viking in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC), which is where we currently all play.

Beau Taylor kept talking about an Australia Hockey League (AIHL) that he thought Scott and I might be interested in playing in with him during the summer months. After Scott played a year down in the AIHL, he told me that I absolutely had to come down and experience this league. Once again, the three of us made another team together and we were able to win another Championship in a second continent!

I learned about Enliven Nutrition when Scott and I were doing a Podcast for Grassroots down in Australia. Jason Varoxis was on the set and did a segment about nutrition and Scott and I immediately realized that this guy knew his stuff. We approached Jason and asked what company he worked for and how we could get involved. The rest is history and we are still able to consult with Jason and use his products even up here in Canada! Jason has definitely helped my overall health and I feel like he has given me an edge in hockey because of it!