What Really Happens To Your Cheat Meal | Enliven Nutrition
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What Really Happens To Your Cheat Meal

What really happens to your cheat meal?

You know, the one you have been hanging out for all week, the one you have earned, the one you are well and truly entitled to!

A week of being diligent with your nutrition, hitting your targets and smashing your training to many people seems to be the free ticket to the reward of a cheat meal that can in some cases extend to a cheat day! But without the right planning and approach you may just be sacrificing a weeks worth of efforts for a moment’s worth of pleasure.

Here is why:

  1. Calorie Density: Most foods that appear on the menu for the perfect “cheat meal” are extremely concentrated in calories. In some instances, this meal can occur in buffet style settings, where free-reign is though to be acceptable in the face of a hard-weeks work. But did you know that a single session in such an environment could equate to more than 10,000 calories? Where for most people, achieving a negative calorie deficit for a week will only ever amount to 7000 calories for that week, you can actually gain weight from this one sitting! It really pays to quantify the meal you are thinking of having just to have an understanding of what it is worth.
  2. How Our Body Works: We are designed to store body fat, why else do you think its so hard to lose! Think back to the hunter-gatherer times, where feast and famine was the norm. Your cheat meal represents the feast, a great opportunity where your body can hoard excess fat for that famine that in today’s world never seems to come around! If you are ignorant to what you put into your body for your cheat meal, you are directly feeding your predisposition to hoard body fat…
  3. Other Considerations: Large meals stretch the stomach, which can lead to problems with satiety (feeling full) for the rest of the week. Have a high sugar binge? You are skyrocketing your blood sugar levels which can place excessive strain of your pancreas to produce a buck-load of the hormone insulin to get that excessive amount of sugar out of your bloodstream before it can damage your body. It can also represent a great way to increase your risk of diabetes development. How about a high fat meal? You could be booking a date with the nearest toilet, as your body struggles to deal with breaking down the large volume of fat, which can then be re-routed out your back door sooner rather than later…

Life is not about not having things, its all about moderation.

Its about understanding what food is worth, and what your requirements are to achieve your goals.

It is NOT following a generic meal plan designed for the masses that is so restrictive that you feel the need to binge on poor quality foods in high volume on a frequent basis to make that plan bearable.

The answers lies in a custom plan that supports your needs and educates you.

The answer is achieving your goals without that feeling that you are missing out.

That plan is right here, waiting to be developed for you.

Its time to invest in yourself with a custom plan from Enliven Nutrition!

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