Fat Loss Fundamentals You Probably Are Not Doing | Enliven Nutrition
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Fat Loss Fundamentals You Probably Are Not Doing

Fat Loss Fundamentals.

The golden fat loss rules that you need to abide by to succeed on such a treacherous journey that so many will never conquer. These areas are so often overlooked in an industry designed to prey on your vulnerability.

Weight loss is hard, and big business knows this. The appeal of the quick fix is heavily paraded before your eyes in the drive to elicit emotions from you that will ultimately have you reaching for your credit card. Over  million dollars was spent by females alone in the weight loss sector last year, and yet we are seeing the rates of unsuccessful weight loss attempts now higher than ever.

You need to abide by the 10 fundamentals to succeed, and trust that they have come from the peak nutrition professionals within this country, an Accredited Sports Dietitian. So sit back, strap yourself in, because your journey is about to get a hell of a lot easier by getting the following fundamentals right!

1 Learn your nutrition requirements: Remember the saying one size does not fit all? Well it is very true! Your requirements are different to my requirements, and they are different to the next person. My point? Generic meal plans, online weight loss programs (big names not revealed but you know them)  or pre made meals for fat loss purposes will only get you so far. Your ability to reach your goals requires you to understand what you need from your nutrition, nothing less will suffice!

2 Learn what food is worth: Every food has a nutrient value. The same as you pen has a certain weight. It exists whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Therefore if you know what amount of nutrients are within certain foods AND you know how much you require to reach your goals, you have the ultimate power to make a meal from any foods in the right amounts for your needs. Food is your fuel, start thinking in that mindset for success.

3 Be mindful in the right way: Give meal times the respect they deserve. Sit at a table, turn the TV off, perhaps speak with your family and engage them over a meal. All this instead of cramming a meal from the drive-thru in your car, or eating at your computer or in front of the TV. Not only will you enjoy your food more, you will have an enhanced feeling of satiety (feeling full) and also improve your relation ship with food. Always beware however that mindful eating can still lead to weight gain if you consume too much “fuel” for your requirements to meet your goals. For example, I love gelato. I can mindfully eat my way to obesity by enjoying far too much gelato than I really need. Please note fundamentals 1 and 2 to understand this!

4 Don’t speed! Losing weight too fast WILL result in a much greater chance of you regaining that weight and them some more. How fast is too fast? Weight loss always starts our quicker, then settles down into a much more gradual rate. The key is to look at the overall average weight loss rate. Anything more than 1-2kg/ week and you should be concerned, and it might be a good time to ease up on how hard you are pushing at your weight loss goals. Fast weight loss equated to more lean muscle mass loss. The more lean muscle mass you lose, the lower your metabolism is humming along (exactly what you do not want). If you adhere to fundamentals 1 and 2, this will not be a problem!

5 Allow yourself to succeed: Have you really set yourself up for fat loss success? I am telling you now if you have not consulted with an expert in this area, you haven’t. A great start is to consult with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) or Accredited Sports Dietitian (Acc.SD), the only nutrition professionals to have spent up to 5 years gaining a University based qualification for practicing as a professional within the field of nutrition. Want better? You need to select and APD or Acc.SD that specialises in fat loss.

Here at Enliven Nutrition, I have developed our exclusive Food as Fuel Programs that provides our clients with every piece of education they need to achieve their goals faster and easier than they thought possible. If you want weight loss tat you can sustain for life, whilst still enjoying the foods that you love and knowing you are working with an industry leading weight loss professional, contact us today and ask about our F.A.S.T Program to receive a free 15 minute consultation.

I have the capacity to work with anyone within the country, in the comfort of your own home and I have no doubts I can provide you with every piece of information and support that you need to achieve the goals you thought were impossible and become better than yesterday!

Jason Varoxis

Owner/Managing Director at Enliven Nutrition

Accredited Sports Dietitians & Strength & Conditioning Coach

Weight Loss & Performance Expert