The Facts About Excess Body Fat | Enliven Nutrition
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The Facts About Excess Body Fat

The facts about excess body fat are often not known, however understanding them is your key to achieve.
Consider the following:
  • Excess fat can act like a blanket to smother your internal organs, depriving them of essential oxygen and nutrients.
  • Fat is extremely low in water content, and is made up of densely packed fat cells (made from triglyceride which acts a great reserve fuel for the body).
  • We are actually designed to store fat, which is a evolutionary mechanism developed from prehistoric times where feast and famine was a daily occurrence. Now-days in developed countries we have an abundance of food, we are moving less and less and therefore need less fuel, and many foods are extremely concentrated forms of fuel (calories) for our body.
  • Did you know that any macro-nutrient can be converted to fat? This means that too much of anything can put you at risk of gaining more body fat.
  • Most people that lose weight aren’t really losing that much fat. Too often weight loss efforts are poorly structured, too aggressive and ultimately unsustainable leading to large losses of water, stored carbs in your muscle and liver (glycogen), and lean muscle.
  • If your losing lean muscle mass, that means your metabolism will become slower, meaning the amount of fuel (calories) you body requires each day is less to maintain weight. If you do this too many times, you essentially dig yourself a metabolic hole, and only with specific professional planning can you work your way back to some sense of a normal relationship with your nutrition.

To have success in the quest to shed excess body fat, you need the following:

  1. Appropriate custom nutrition plan- which needs to be developed and adjusted for your caloric and macro-nutrient needs. Using a one-sized-fits-all meal plan is a guaranteed road to long term disappointment!
  2. High intensity cardiovascular training- as this is great for elevating your metabolic rate for hours after your session.
  3. High intensity resistance training- which places loading on your muscle mass which gives it a great reason to hang around when your following your custom nutrition plan which directs your body to attack your excess body fat.
  4. Support Network- which is primarily built upon your dietitian, and your trainer (personal trainer, exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach). Family and friends can be supportive or very much the opposite and unknowingly sabotage your journey. Make sure you have a solid foundation for professional advice, planning and support, and if your family and friends can help you, that is fantastic! Just be aware that they may not always be your best friend in this journey!
  5. Accountability- building the foundation  of consistency alongside your support network. Times will get tough, and it is how you react that will determine your success.

We hope you see losing excess fat is far beyond what a gym challenge program, fitness professional, online meal/nutrition/training plan or “diet” can provide.

If you understand that one size does not fit all, and want to make the steps to achieve your goal, then we at Enliven Nutrition have the answers and are waiting to support you.