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Pre Workout Supplement Requirements

Pre workout supplement requirements has been the focus of so many supplement companies that you will now find a plethora of pre workout products to select from, each claiming that they are right for you. To add to the confusion over what the ultimate pre workout may be for you is the lack of regulation within the supplementation industry for products, ingredients, manufacturing standards and labeling requirements. And to put the icing on the confusion cake, there are far too many self proclaimed “nutrition professionals” providing supplement advice to the general population.

Your Key Elements to Consider

  • What is your activity type, intensity and duration?

Strength and power sports requiring maximal efforts over short periods repeated numerous times have vastly different requirements that endurance based activities. The main element of difference will be the decision to include a carbohydrate source, and if so how much? Another area to consider is the type and amount of any amino acids utilised, and the amount and timing of any stimulant based ingredients.


We would expect strength and power based athletes to utilise a wider range of amino acids (such as creatine, beta alanine), a lower dose of carbohydrates and a once off dose of a stimulant based ingredient.

Endurance based athletes typically utilise larger volumes of carbohydrates, fewer doses of amino acids (if any) and smaller, strategically timed stimulant doses to ensure maximal performance is maintained.

  • Is your goal directed at pure performance or body composition alteration?

Put simply, carbohydrates and amino acids (which are the building blocks or proteins) contain calories. Manipulating caloric balance is the key to achieving body composition changes. It is absolutely critical to determine whether you need to prioritise caloric balance, or performance via thinking of your “food as fuel” when using supplements. For those that desire both, it is far better to satisfy your body composition goals first, then focus on maximal performance rather than doing a half-cut job at both which will yield sub-optimal results in both areas.

  • What is your budget?

Most blended pre workout products aren’t cheap. Neither is purchasing the countless individual ingredients to create your own which can be near impossible as many products hide their “pre workout blends” behind the veil of a proprietary blend (meaning ingredients are listed without any requirement to detail serving sizes). Your next headache will come when trying to determine which of the extensive list of ingredients actually have evidence behind them of providing beneficial effects. A great place to find this information is from visiting the Australian Institute of Sports website at

Alternatively we recommend consulting with an Accredited Sports Dietitian, one of which we have in our team

  • Are there any health risks to consider?

As per any supplement product, the lack of regulation leads to a great deal of misinformation regarding product safety. For example, pregnant women or those breastfeeding are advised by Accredited Sports Dietitians to avoid using supplement products, and this extends to others who may have nutrient to supplement interactions or medication to supplement interactions. To add to this, the lack of independent testing and ingredient scrutiny is poor prior to a product being available for consumer sale. Both elements that greatly increase your risks of adverse health effects from pre workout supplement use.

  • Is your pre workout ingredients legal?

Your sport may have anti-doping codes, and many ingredients found in pre workout products can trigger positive doping test results. We recommend if your sport conducts randomized drug testing to seek a supplement review from an Accredited Sports Dietitian. Doping bans are no joke, with around four years suspension from competition or training potentially meaning the end of your competitive career.

  • Where are you sourcing your pre workout products and advice from?

Our last point goes hand in hand with the previous point, where contamination risks can lead to adverse health consequences or positive doping test results. Again seeking the professional advice of an Accredited Sports Dietitian is the only way to ensure your nutrition and supplement requirements are being met to elicit peak performance whilst safeguarding your health and doping risks.

Take Home Points

  • Proven supplement products include creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, caffeine or natural stimulants such as guarana and various carbohydrate sources depending on your specific needs.
  • Always consult with an Accredited Sports Dietitian for your supplement needs, as we are the peak professionals with more that four years of University based education combined with addition sports and performance education from the Australian Institute of Sport. This will ensure your health is safeguarded and any potential doping risks are minimised as much as possible. Remember our team has an Accredited Sports Dietitian on staff to assist you.
  • Learn what supplements should be, and we encourage you to compare your supplement products to our range developed and formulated by our Accredited Sports Dietitian using only the highest grade ingredients, free from artificial additives, colours, flavours, fillers or sweeteners. View these at

For more information on supplements, nutrition or training be sure to contact our performance division staff at

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