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Protein Bread- Fad or Necessity?

Does the notion of protein bread seem a little strange to you? A food that traditionally offers you a wealth of carbohydrates to fuel your mind and body now modified to provide you with high quality proteins predominantly known for their repair and recovery properties. We take a tongue-in-cheek look at this product,  how it came to be and then more seriously discussing if it is right for you.

Numerous reasons have brought about the demand for products such as this including:

  • Carbohydrate-phobia fueled by the media and so graciously blown out of proportion by the media blaming this nutrient for the obesity epidemic
  • The “if it fits your macros” movement where so long as you satisfy your daily macro-nutrient parameters you will achieve your weight loss and body composition goals. Now that bread is classified as a “protein food” with products such as this, it frees up your carbohydrate macros for some more dessert….I mean sweet potato!
  • Bread-phobia, because as we all now know because of some clever television advertisement marketing from a major bread company, cutting your carbs (specifically from bread) is the golden ticket to weight loss for everyone.
  • That bloating feeling, blamed on bread every time. Everyone remembers that “pseudo pregnant feeling” after a few too many slices of bread but is this natural? Must be the carbs…..or that gluten thing!
  • As mentioned before, gluten…..the worst of all nutrients. Every celebrity diet, most natural nutrition service providers, the media and now general health practitioners are now blaming gluten for a range of health concerns. This is despite the fact that they could not tell you what gluten actually is, nor detail to you how it is working to worsen your health. We now see so many clients who have been flooded with anti-gluten messages that they have self-diagnosed coeliac disease! No need for that “gold standard” small bowel biopsy to confirm, if all these sources have told you this it must be true!

Now if you are concerned about coeliac disease, we strongly encourage you to do your own research from a reputable source such as the Coeliac Australia website at

So is this protein bread for you? If any of the below resonate with you, then it may be something worthwhile to try:

  1. Your are a diagnosed coeliac disease sufferer or have been identified as gluten intolerant
  2. You are requiring a strict macro-nutrient intake and require additional protein within your diet, therefore replacing usual bread with protein bread will benefit you
  3. You feel bloated after consuming regular bread, again this product may provide you with a bread alternative that does not evoke this feeling

Now for all those who have attended our “Food as Fuel” seminars, this product may also be beneficial to you, as we know that breakfast can be an extremely difficult meal to satisfy your protein requirements. Furthermore, you may be saving those performance fuel carbohydrates until later in the day to fuel your training or competition.

In our mind, this product is worth a try and provides a densely textured bread alternative that can certainly assist you to meet your nutrient goals. That being said, there is and will always remain to be a place for “real bread” within your diet. Be smart with your nutrition, learn what your requirements are and we are sure that most people will not “need” to opt for this bread alternative.

For more information on how real bread, or products such as this fit into your nutrition requirements contact our experienced team today.

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