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Gym Challenge Can Actually Hurt You

Gym Challenges.

The time has come. The banners, fliers and Facebook marketing has begun to flood your senses so intensely you are actually feeling guilty each day for not signing up.

Your fellow gym buddies are talking about how this gym challenge will be their pathway to their summer body, that successful job interview, or landing that dream date with the guy or girl who you thought was way above your league.

Your mind is now driven by emotions (mostly guilt) as your friends one by one sign 12 weeks of their lives away to the gym challenge, who will be reduced to eating a diet providing 37 different combinations of chicken and broccoli, and consuming a truckload of fat burning supplements sure to burn a hole in their wallets.

But is this right for you?

Will this give you the dream body you have always wanted for life?

Is this healthy?

Do you really need ALL of those fat burning, thermogenic supplements and protein powders?

Can you do better?

The above are areas you need to consider as advised by an Allied Health Professional (Sports Dietitian) and an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach.

What we often find, are extremely poorly structured and generic nutrition plans provided in gym challenges. These are often developed and distributed by Personal Trainers (who are in breach of their level of nutrition qualifications by providing nutrition recommendations in such detail as a meal plan). These gym challenge nutrition plans work on a single “one sized fits all” caloric goal, and provide the same amount of macro-nutrients for every person (usually extremely high in protein, and very low in carbohydrates).

If you are concerned about how much detail you have received in your nutrition plan from your fitness facility or personal trainer, compare it to the level of detail you should have received at    

So what can you expect from that gym challenge, and how could this hurt you?

  • Excessively low calorie content could cause a slowing of your metabolism, making it even harder to shift weight!
  • Low carbohydrate content will cause you cravings, nausea, irritability and could cause you to pass out whilst training due to low blood sugar levels.
  • Excessive protein content could lead to kidney damage and bone demineralisation
  • Poorly structured plan with little variety could lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Regimented, inflexible meal plan leads to a poor relationship with food and eliminates any chance of sustainability for your results.
  • Heavy stimulant based supplement regimes can actually sabotage your bodies ability to burn fat, and can increase your risks of developing osteoporosis and insulin resistance (a precursor to Type 2 Diabetes!)

Why not instead of the poorly planned gym challenge, enlist the help of professionals from each different field to get the best from each element within your plan? You will not only fast track your results, but gain the knowledge of how to maintain your results for life.

To really achieve your goals, you should consider:

  1. Nutrition advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian, or an Accredited Sports Dietitian (the peak professionals for nutrition advice in Australia).
  2. Training advice from an experienced and Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach OR an experienced Personal Trainer.
  3. Supplement advice from an Accredited Sports Dietitian (the only qualified experts in developing supplement plans that are backed by significant scientific evidence to support your progress and safeguard your health).

If in doubt, our team at Enliven Nutrition cover all three bases and can ensure you avoid the risks of a poorly planned and generic gym challenge to provide you with a customised plan to fast track your results. As an added bonus, we can also teach you how to maintain them for life!

Enliven Nutrition