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Dietitians & Sports Dietitians Are What You Need To Succeed

Dietitians and Sports Dietitians are what you need to succeed.

Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) are the peak body of professionals to provide nutrition advice. We are the only nutrition professionals qualified to deliver medical nutrition therapy, and prescribe specific, tailored meal plans to promote your best health, or assist weight loss.

Accredited Sports Dietitians (Acc.SD) are the peak professionals when looking to implement performance nutrition strategies. Whether this be stripping body fat, gaining lean muscle mass, providing hydration, optimal fueling and recovery nutrition strategies there is nobody more qualified to provide you with the evidence based answers you need. All this, specific to your requirements, your needs, your situation.

What we see today, is specific nutrition advice, meal plans, supplement advice and regimes, and “custom” meal plan programs provided by Personal Trainers, Sports Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, even Allied Health Professionals such as Physios, Exercise Physiologists right up to General Practitioners. This is not even mentioning commercial weight loss programs (the names I will not mention, however most include some form of meal replacement product, pre-packaged meals or meal plans).

Unfortunately, unless one of these commercial programs was developed by an Accredited Practising Dietitian, there is not one element within the above advice or plans that has been delivered by the industries peak nutrition professional. If you are in doubt regarding the nutrition advice you have been provided by any of the above sources (barring APD or Acc.SD) the most detail you should receive will be found at these links (The Australian Dietary Guidelines OR Australian Guide to Healthy Eating).

Anything more detailed than this, regarding specific nutrient targets, specific meals or meal plans are outside the scope of the qualifications of the individual who has provided them to you. And if you so happen to be one of these individuals over stepping the line in regards to the provision of nutrition advice, please be forewarned your insurances do not cover you for giving this advice. Plain and simple, if you get it wrong (and I deal with cases every day where this is the case) you are personally liable for the poor and misguided nutrition advice provided.

So why is this problem ongoing if the above is true? The largest issue stems from the lack of accountability held by governing bodies within the health and fitness industries. A severe lack of regulation and monitoring of what nutrition advice is provided continues to this day, and the person who is suffering is the consumer! Every time incorrect or potentially dangerous information is provided by an unqualified individual, the art and practice of dietetics is devalued a little more.

The best example or this would be if you were to randomly survey a group of people in your nearest town center, asking them who would be the first person they would consult for advice regarding nutrition for general well-being or performance enhancement? I guarantee you, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, or Accredited Sports Dietitian would not be the most popular answers received.

As the peak voice for nutrition professionals, this battle starts with the role of advocacy. We need to be the voice to hold strong and true in the face of a cluttered nutrition service environment. We need to fight with the tools of evidence based practice, our superior knowledge of nutrition biochemistry. We need to detail our expertise in counseling, and the provision of client-centered care. We need to demonstrate significant clinical differences for the recommendations we make, and we need our accreditation bodies (DAA and SDA) to allow us to market ourselves and services freely to combat the pretenders within our field.

Now there are many dietitians and sports dietitians available, which is fantastic news for you as we all have our little areas of speciality. We need to voice these and work in a collaborative manner to service the many and varied needs of our community. If you would like to find the range of dietitians or sports dietitians close to you, please follow the following links:


So let me start this process of advocacy, and I strongly encourage my fellow nutrition practitioners to post below on this thread and share this thread to share with others our true value to their journey towards optimal well-being or athletic performance.

My name is Jason Varoxis. I am a fully Accredited Practising Dietitian and an Accredited Sports Dietitian. My areas of specialty include all aspects of sports performance, supplementation and weight management where I create tailored plans to allow my clients to achieve their goals faster and with greater ease. As I am also an Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, I can assist athletes from beginner to national levels with either customised performance nutrition plans, or periodised athlete training plans encompassing all an athlete requires to reach their performance potential.

Don’t settle for second best, consult with an Accredited Practising Dietitian or Accredited Sports Dietitian today, and for any questions contact the Enliven Nutrition team today.